Frequently asked questions

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What is Sports Massage?

A manipulation of soft tissue using massage strokes and stretching techniques to relieve, restore and relax muscles.
Whether you have a chronic condition or have previously suffered an injury we can work together to help. It could be day to day stiffness that has built up or you may just feel that you need a massage.

What can I expect at a session?

The initial consultation will establish what brought you to me and the basis of your condition. I will then use a combination of postural analysis observations and range of movement tests and measurements to establish with you the best treatment plan. It may mean a bit of homework to get the best results!

Do I have to be a sportsperson?

Absolutely not I treat all manner of niggles from all manner of professions and backgrounds. Muscles respond to being warmed up and worked on to relieve tension and alleviate all kinds of conditions. Headaches, low back pain, general stiffness and discomfort are not conditions unique to sportspeople.
If you are a sports person look after your muscles and they will work better for you. Massages before and after workouts, training and performing can be highly beneficial and feel great.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends! maybe everyday stiffness can be relieved in one session, maybe two sessions will keep it at bay longer, maybe if you would like to book maintenance sessions every three months or maybe we can work together to get you a plan to combine strengthening exercises and stretching to restore yourself.